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" If we worked hard enough, even the moon would be within our reach"

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Inspiration can come from anywhere - an uplifting book, a selfless act that you've witnessed, a thoughtful quote that you've heard. But I've always been most inspired by loved ones - the friends and family who have shaped me, who have pushed me to achieve my dreams, and who have brought so much love and laughter to my everyday life.

My nonna, Angelina, was one of those people.

A spunky, strong-willed woman with a love for fashion, family, and cooking, Angelina immigrated all alone to the United States as a young woman to start a new life. She taught my sister and I that we should never let go of our dreams, because if we worked hard enough, even the moon would be within our reach. To this day, some of my most prized possessions are photos that I have with her as child - memories of an amazing woman who inspired me to pursue my dream job as a photographer.

I hope to bring a bit of Angelina's zest and love for life into the pictures that I take for you and your family!