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I could honestly write gobs about Stephanie as both a photographer and a personality—because she’s got both. When I consider Angelina Photography and Stephanie Sims, my mind consistently hones in on something that I most admire and respect in her as an artist. Stephanie is incredible at melding with and exciting the people she photographs—and that is so important when it comes to capturing the true spirit of her subjects. She treats every person she meets (and photographs) like an old friend, which creates an atmosphere of trust and comfort. Some people in my family are very camera shy—or very picky about having their photos taken, so they were dreading wedding photos. Stephanie whirls into the room with an infectious bubbling personality and immediate friendship, and I could just see their nerves melt away. I have hundreds of truly beautiful candid photos from my wedding. The images Stephanie captures through that lens are just stunning beyond measure and I chalk it up to her eye for photographic composition and her engaging personality that is so well suited, and so well needed in a photographer.